The Cook Whatcha Got Challenge!

My friend, fellow personal chef and blogger, Tami, The Dine In Diva in Akron, Ohio issued a challenge on Facebook to cook for a week using only the items you have on hand. For any of you, who like me are ingredient hoarders, this challenge should be easy and fun!
A quick check of my upstairs freezer revealed frozen tilapia, frozen shrimp, 7-Bridges Farm ground beef, frozen veggies, and my homemade marinara sauce. My downstairs freezer is stuffed full of pork belly, Italian sausage, pork chops, and pork loin roasts from the 1/2 pig that I bought in the fall. The pantry has pasta, pasta, pasta and oh yeah…PASTA! Arborio rice, wild rice, Jasmine rice, brown rice, bulgar wheat, kasha, buckwheat groats, artichoke hearts, sundried tomatoes, canned corn, multitudes of cans of tomatoes in different forms, olives, sardines, tuna….
My spices…come on! Don’t you all have a jar of shichimi or bottles of not only black truffle oil, but also white truffle oil? (These are things that have been collected on all my trips this year…)
We won’t mention the baking supplies….

Tami writes about her desire to stop wasting food, that throwing food/ingredients away is akin to throwing money in the garbage can. She’s right!

On Sunday I will shop for salad greens, fruits and some basic veggies that I need (onions, mushrooms, leeks) and I’ll be cooking along with Tami.
I KNOW I can do this challenge. What about you? Come on and join the fun! Post your menus and recipes!
Visit Tami’s blog She’s even offering a prize!


3 comments on “The Cook Whatcha Got Challenge!

  1. Dineindiva says:

    Ringer – You’ve got Pork Belly!

    Seriously – thanks for the shout out. I think it will do us all good to take stock of our larders and get it on the table instead.

  2. chefgal says:

    Pork belly??? are you kidding?

  3. Nope, not kidding. I bought a half a pigger this fall and I got several pounds of pork belly in the freezer. Very soon most of it will be made into Pancetta! But some of it will be slowly roasted and slowly savored!

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