Happy Anniversary Dinner!

Today my husband and I celebrate our 17th wedding anniversary. We decided to celebrate at home this year and, of course, my contribution was the feast for dinner. One of our favorite meals when we eat out is duck so with a trip to Wegman’s in Pittsford, I was able to put together our dinner with some beautiful D’Artagnan duck breasts. A simple reduction sauce with dried cherries, tawny port, a splash of balsamic and fresh sage from my pot on the patio was delicious. To accompany, a delicious wild rice saute with hazelnuts, oven roasted beets and wilted spinach with balsamic.
We closed off the diningroom from the rest of the house (read that kids), ate off of the good china and lit some candles. My husband said dinner was better than most meals we could get at a restaurant, and I must say that I agree!

No pictures of dessert, it got too dark to take a good photo and I was not waiting to eat my Bavarian Torte from Philip’s European (my husband’s contribution to our dinner..) It is a wonderful dessert with layers of meringue, genoise and lightly sweetened whipped cream and strawberries. It was heavenly as always!
Here’s to 17 more!


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