A Fantastic Foodie Weekend! (Part 1)

This past weekend I had the pleasure of spending time in a lovely lake home of a friend and fellow chef with 8 other personal chefs. We had chefs from Boston, Maryland, Delaware, Michigan, Ohio, and Georgia all congregating for a weekend of fun and food here in the Fingerlakes!
One of the highlights of our gathering was spending Saturday in Ithaca, NY. After a late night on Friday and an early wake up call on Saturday we all piled in the SUV and took a road trip. First stop….the Ithaca Farmer’s market.
Now we have farmer’s markets here in my town, and a great public market in the city of Rochester, but the Ithaca Farmer’s Market was a really spectacular foodie find!
One of the first stalls we passed on the way in was a flower stall. The bouquets were just unbelievable!
A few doors down were these gorgeous veggies.
Rainbow chard and baby carrots. How to choose? (The chard won, we are having chard and gnocchi again!)

One of the great things about a farmers market is talking to the farmers and vendors. This is Duane.
He is a beekeeper from Interlaken, NY. I have a real love of bees. Not only are they important for the entire world…no bees, no food! But they are also fascinating creatures. Duane and I talked bees for about 10 minutes and he was so sweet to answer all my questions. I asked in particular about bees here in upstate NY during our cold winters. Duane told me that he wraps his hives with special insulation and that the colony huddles together in a mass the size of a softball or a cantaloupe and keeps the queen warm. When the outer bees begin to get cold, they burrow deeper into the mass of bees to warm up and let others take their turns on the outside. How cool is that? Some day I will be a beekeeper!

This is Jane North from Northland Sheep Dairy.
She had the MOST DELICIOUS cheese I have eaten in a long time. We sampled the bleu cheese which was piquant and creamy, but the cheese that I swooned for (and brought home!) was a hard, aged cheese that was nutty and delicious. Soooo good! (I still have part of a chunk left in the fridge for later this week!) Sadly her cheese is not available in stores and she lives several hours away so I will need to make it back to the market to get another fix!

And as I close out this chapter of the Ithaca Farmers market, I had to include these photos.. warning, they will make you want to lick your screen!
Mixed berry scones that were so tender and delicious, and cinnamon rolls!
I didn’t eat either of these delights, but chose a biscotti instead (which was delicious by the way) because we had lunch plans and I needed to save room!


2 comments on “A Fantastic Foodie Weekend! (Part 1)

  1. Dineindiva says:

    Great recap and photos! It was definitely a fun, foodie day!

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